Published in Professional Photographer (October Issue)

This year I decided to enter Professional Photographer magazine’s competition, Professional Photographer of the Year for the first time, and I have entered in three categories. My submissions have been really well received so far online, which is really great! But today I got my hands on an a copy of Professional Photographer October issue and there lies my image on Adam Scorey’s Editors Letter. Awesome! After a few pages my image was featured again as part of the Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 competition, by Adam Scorey, one of the judges of PPOTY2012.

Here’s what Adam Scory, Editor of Professional Photographer had to say:

“Yes I know, this has got the 80’s written all over it but what’s wrong with that? Retro is retro! It’s even got a bit of the 70’s in there… And whist I’m at it, it could be considered a bit saucy too. Record cover, novel dust jacket, poster, t-shirt or one of those gob-smackingly awful posters with some prozaic marketing bollocks such as ‘Team’ or ‘Inspiration’ as well. There is so much that this image could be used for. 

However, what I love is the basic impact it has due to the contrasting colours of the black, white and pink. Perfect focus and depth-of-field, and I really like the lighting used. Not sure of the model’s teeth have been ‘shopped, but I’d love to konw what toothpaste she uses! In fact, it’s that good I even considered it for the cover of this month’s issue… honestly, I did.

– Adam Scorey, Editor of Professional Photographer

I’m not sure what happened to my print copy, maybe it got lost in the post but for now screenshots from my Apple iPad 2 will have to do: