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  • 聯系人:張(先生)
  • 電話:0701-3325222
  • 郵件:dgsrsj@163.com
  • 手機:18929187282
  • QQ:2408294931

Yngtan Surun Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2011, professional Production of transformer skeleton (BOBBIN), SMD patch products hardware accessories,Mold development and production. It is located in Guixi Economic Development Zone with venient transportation.Beautiful environment, covering an area of 7,300m2.
The company has a group of advanced concept management and technical personnel
and notes More than 10 presses, injection molding machine manipulators, fully automatic terminal implanters, etc.More than 20 mobile equipment. Model room equipment has been established since the establishment of multiple companies "Quality products"; "customer satisfaction"; "continuous improvement"; "integrity compliance";"Innovative technology" as its purpose, established a set of quality in line with international standards
Control system, and passed ISO9001:2008 certification, strictly in accordance with the recognition Certification standards for comprehensive quality management. The company takes quality as its life and strict Quality control, procurement of raw materials in line with US UL certification standards and SGS ring Standards are guaranteed to ensure that qualified products leave the factory. Since the company’s inception, the company has ts excellent quality, reasonable price and considerate service have won customers' Praise.
The service has only a starting point, and there is no end to satisfaction. We believe
in integrity Achieve a win-win business principle and strive to create greater business for partners value!
We sincerely look forward to cooperating with people of insight from all walks of life to develop together!